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Age Of Bees Indicated


Hundreds of bee-keepers lose some of their stocks in this way, and can
assign no reasonable cause. "Why," say they, "there wasn't twenty bees
in the hive; it was all full of honey," or worms, as the case may be.
"Only a short time before, it was full of bees; I got three good swarms
from it, and it always had been first rate, but all at once the bees
were gone. I don't understand it!" Such bee-keepers cannot understand
how rapidly a family of bees diminish, when there is no queen to
replenish with young this mortality of the old ones. I doubt whether
the largest and best family possibly could be made to exist six months,
without a queen for their renewal, except, perhaps, through the winter.

When standing close on one bench, they are gone sooner than if on
separate stands, as they often join a neighboring hive when they can
walk to it.

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