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Amount Of Honey Collected From It


Swarms issuing as late as the 15th July, when they commence on
buckwheat, sometimes contain not over five pounds of stores, and yet
make good stocks for winter, whereas, without this yield, they might
not live through October. It fails about once in ten years. I have
known a swarm to gain in one week sixteen pounds, and construct comb to
store it at the same time. At another time I had a swarm issue the 18th
August, that obtained thirty pounds in about eighteen days. But such
buckwheat swarms, in ordinary seasons, seldom get over fifteen pounds.
The flowers last from three to five weeks. The time of sowing the grain
varies in different sections, from the 10th of June to the 20th July.
Farmers wish to give it just time to ripen before frost, as the yield
of grain is considered better, but as the time of frost is a matter of
guess-work, some will sow several days earlier than others. Whenever an
abundant crop of this grain is realized, a proportionate quantity of
honey is obtained.

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