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Apt To Be Deceived About The Worms


But the worms, you can surely keep them out, you think, since you can
seal up the boxes perfectly close, preventing the moth or even the
smallest ant from entering! Yes, you may do this effectually, but the
worms will often be there somehow, unless in a very low temperature,
such as a very cool cellar, or in house, and then you have dampness to
guard against. I have a little experience in this matter that spoils
your theory entirely. I have taken off glass jars, and watched them
till the bees were all out, and was _certain the moth did not come
near_ them, then immediately sealed them up; absolutely preventing
access afterwards, (I could do this with a jar more effectually than a
box which is made of several pieces,) I then felt quite sure that I was
ahead, and should have no trouble with the worms, as had often been the
case before. I was sadly mistaken.

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