Samson's birth was foretold by an angel. He was to grow up a Nazarite, forbidden to drink strong drink, neither was his head to be shaved. His strength was very great; but his marriage was sinful, and his doings with the idolatrous Philistine... Read more of THE DEATH OF SAMSON. at Children Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational

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Difficulty In Deciding

Category: ROBBERIES.

There is nothing about the apiary more difficult to determine, nothing
more likely than to be deceived. It is generally supposed, when a
number are outside fighting, that it is conclusive that they are also
robbing, which is seldom the case. On the contrary, a show of
resistance indicates a strong colony, and that they are disposed to
defend their treasures. I no longer have any fears for a stock that has
courage to repel an attack.

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