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Do The Bees Eat More When Allowed To Come Out Occasionally In Winter?


Besides the loss of bees on the snow when standing in the sun, and
taking an airing occasionally, there are some economical bee-keepers
who urge this disadvantage, "that every time bees come out in winter
they discharge their excrement, and eat more honey in consequence of
the vacant room." What a ridiculous absurdity it would be to apply this
principle to the horse, whose health, strength, and vital heat is
sustained by the assimilation of food! and the farmer is not to be
found who would think of saving his provender by the same means. That
bees are supported in cold weather on the same principle is indicated
strongly, if not conclusively.

Is it not better (if what has been said on the subject of wintering
bees is correct) to keep our bees warm and comfortable when
practicable, as a means of saving honey?

To winter bees in the best manner, considerable care is required.
Whenever you are disposed to neglect them, you should bear in mind that
one early swarm is worth two late ones; their condition in spring will
often decide this point. Like a team of cattle or horses when well
wintered, they are ready for a good season's work, but when poorly
wintered have to recruit a long time before they are worth much.

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