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Category: THE APIARY.

If we keep bees for ornament, it would be well to build a bee-house,
paint the hives, &c.; but as I expect the majority of readers will be
interested in the profit of the thing, I will say that the bees will
not pay a cent towards extra expenses; they will not do a whit more
labor in a painted house, than if it was thatched with straw. When
profit is the only object, economy would dictate that labor shall be
bestowed only where there will be a remuneration.


So many kinds of bee-houses and stands have been recommended--all so
different from what I prefer, that I perhaps ought to feel some
hesitancy in offering one so cheap and simple; but as profit is my
object, I shall offer no other apology. I have fifteen years'
experience to prove its efficacy, and have no fears on this score in
recommending it. I make stands in this way: a board about fifteen
inches wide is cut off two feet long; a piece of chestnut or other
wood, two inches square, is nailed on each end; this raises the board
just two inches from the earth, and will project in front of the hive
some ten inches, making it admirably convenient for the bees to alight
before entering the hive, (when the grass and weeds are kept down,
which is but little trouble). A separate piece for each hive is better
than to have several on a bench together, as there can then be no
communication by bees running to and fro. Also we are apt to give more
room between them; and a board or plank will make a stand for as many
stocks when cut in pieces, as if left whole; (and it ought to make

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