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Feeding To Induce Early Swarms

Category: FEEDING.

If the object in feeding is to induce early swarms, of course the best
stocks should be chosen for the purpose; but some care is necessary not
to give too much, and fill the combs with honey, that ought to be
filled with brood, and thereby defeat your object; one pound per day is
enough, perhaps too much. The quantity obtained from flowers is a
partial guide; when plenty, feed less; when scarce, more. Begin as soon
as you can make them take it up in spring, and continue in accordance
with the weather, till white clover blossoms, or swarms issue. Another
object in feeding bees at this period, is to have the store combs all
filled with inferior honey, so that when clover appears, (which yields
our best honey,) there is no room except in the boxes to store it,
which are now put on, and rapidly filled. When this last object is
alone wished for, it is not much matter how much is given at a time,
providing it is all taken up through the night; it will then take no
time in day-light, when they might work on flowers; also, the bees
would have no trouble in repelling any attempt of others to get at it.

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