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First Objection Cost Of Construction

Category: HIVES.

The first obstacle in the way (after the right is obtained) is the
construction. Let's see; we want inch boards to make the shell,
three-quarter inch boards for the tops and bottoms of drawers, half
inch for sides, hinges to hang a door, glass for back of drawers, tubes
for the egress of the bees, and slides to cut off communication. It
will be necessary to get a mechanic, and a workman too. Those 108 holes
that must be bored, _must match_, or it is of no use to make them. But
few farmers would have the tools requisite, a still less number the
skill and patience to do it. What the cost might be by the time a hive
was ready to receive the bees, I could not say; but guess it might be
some three or four dollars.

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