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Hives Can Be Made With Less Expense

Category: HIVES.

The one I shall recommend, without paint, will not cost, or need not,
over 37-1/2 cents, with cover, etc. Now, if we wish hives for ornament,
it is well enough to expend something for the purpose; but it is well
not to refine too much, as there are limits which, if passed, will
render it unfit for bees. Therefore, when profit is an object, the
extra expense will or ought to be made up by the bees, in return for an
expensive domicil. But will they do it? The merits of the one under
consideration are fully given. "First, by taking out a full drawer and
putting in an empty one in its stead, the combs are always kept new,
and cells of full size." Now this fear of bees becoming dwarfs in
consequence of being reared in cells too small, has done more mischief
among the bees, and their owners' pockets, than if the fact had never
been thought, or heard of.

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