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Hives To Be Thoroughly Made

Category: HIVES.

Hives should be constructed of good materials, boards of good
thickness, free from flaws and cracks, well fitted and thoroughly

The time of making them is not very particular, providing it is done in
season. It certainly should not be put off till the swarming period, to
be made as wanted, because if they are to be painted; it should be done
as long as possible before, as the rank smell of oil and paint, just
applied, might be offensive to the bees.

But what kind of hive shall be made?

In answer, some less than a thousand forms have been given. The
advantages of bee-keeping depend as much upon the construction of
hives, as any one thing; yet there is no subject pertaining to them on
which there is such a variety of opinions, and I have but little hopes
of reconciling all these conflicting views, opinions, prejudices, and

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