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Honey-dew is said to be a source from whence large collections are made
in some places. When or where it appears or disappears is more than I
can tell. I have seen the accounts of it, but accounts I have learned
to doubt until I find something corroborative in my own experience. I
find too many errors copied merely because they happen to be in company
with several truths. Huber discovered many important truths, and has
given them to the world; too many writers take it for granted when two
points of his are true, the third _must be also_. It is no proof that
there is no such article merely because I never discovered it. In the
many fruitless endeavors that I have made to get a view of this
substance, it may be I have lacked close observation; or possibly there
is none showered upon this region; or I may have failed to bring my
imagination to assist me to convert common dew into the real article.

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