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How Small Stocks Commence

Category: BREEDING.

The first eggs are deposited in the centre of the cluster of bees, in a
small family; it may not be in the centre of the hive in _all_ cases;
but the middle of the cluster is the warmest place, wherever located.
Here the queen will first commence; a few cells, or a space not larger
than a dollar, is first used, those exactly opposite on the same comb
are next occupied. If the warmth of the hive will allow, whether mild
weather produces it, or the family be large enough to generate that
which is artificial, appears to make no difference; she will then take
the next combs exactly corresponding with the first commencement but
not quite as large a place is used as in the first comb. The circle of
eggs in the first is then enlarged, and more are added in the next,
&c., continuing to spread to the next combs, keeping the distance to
the outside of the circle of eggs, to the centre or place of beginning,
about equal on all sides, until they occupy the outside comb. Long
before the outside comb is occupied, the first eggs deposited are
matured, and the queen will return to the centre, and use these cells
again, but is not so particular this time to fill so many in such exact
order as at first. This is the general process of small or medium sized
families. I have removed the bees from such, in all stages of breeding,
and always found their proceedings as described.

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