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Indications Of Swarming Inside The Hive

Category: SWARMING.

These glass boxes are usually filled with bees; before leaving they may
be seen in commotion, long before any unusual stir is visible outside,
sometimes for near an hour. The same may be noticed in a glass hive.
Now, in good weather, when we have reason to expect many swarms, it is
our duty to watch closely, especially when the weather has been
unfavorable for several days previous. A number of stocks may have
finished their queen-cells during the bad weather, and be ready to come
out within the first hour of sunshine that occurs in the middle of the
day. We must expect some such occurrences, and in large apiaries there
is apt to be trouble, unless you take some precautions. If you have
taken no care (which but few will), by previous examinations, to know
which are ready, as soon as one has started or commenced flying, look
at all the rest that are in condition to swarm; or, what is much
better, look before any have started. Even if nothing unusual is seen
about the entrance, raise the cover to the boxes. If the bees in them
are all quiet as usual, no swarm need be immediately apprehended, and
you will probably have time to hive one or two first.

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