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Insufficiency Of Inclined Bottom-board


Now do not be deceived in this matter, and through indolence be induced
to get those hives with descending bottom-boards, to throw out the
worms as they fall, and hope by that means to get rid of the trouble;
(I have already, in another chapter, expressed doubts of this). But we
will _now_ suppose such descending bottom-boards capable of throwing
every worm that touches it "heels over head" to the ground; what have
we gained? His neck is not broken, nor any other _bone_ of his body! As
if nothing extraordinary had happened, he quietly gathers himself up,
and looks about for snug quarters; he cares not a fig for the hive now;
he gormandized on the combs until satisfied, before he left them, and
is glad to get away from the bees any how. A place large enough for a
cocoon is easily found, and when he again becomes desirous of visiting
the hives, it is not to satisfy his own wants, but to accommodate his
progeny; he is then furnished with wings ample to carry him to any
height that you choose to put your bees.

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