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Inverting A Stock Rather Formidable At First

Category: SWARMING.

To a person that has never inverted a hive full of bees, even to
overflowing, or never has seen it done, it appears like a great
undertaking, as well as the probability of ruining the stock! But after
the first trial, the magnitude of the performance is greatly
diminished, and will grow less with every repetition of the feat, until
there is not the least dread attending it. Without tobacco smoke I
hardly think it practicable, but with it, there is not the least
difficulty. It would be very unsatisfactory to turn over a hive and
nothing to drive the bees away from the very places on the combs that
you wish particularly to inspect. The smoke is just the thing to do it!
As for the bad effects of such overturning and smoking, I never
discovered any.

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