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Its Location

Category: THE APIARY.

In the location of the apiary, one important consideration is, that it
is convenient to watch in the swarming season; that the bees may be
seen at any time from a door or window, when a swarm rises, without the
trouble of taking many steps to accomplish it; because if much trouble
is to be taken, it is too often neglected. Also, if possible, the hives
should stand where the wind will have but little effect, especially
from the northwest. If no hills or building offer a protection, a
close, high board fence should be put up for the purpose. It is economy
to do it--bees enough may be saved to pay the expense. During the first
spring months, the stocks contain fewer bees than at any other season.
It is then that a numerous family is important, for the purpose of
creating animal heat to rear the brood, if for nothing else. One bee is
of more consequence now than a half dozen in midsummer. When the hive
stands in a bleak place, the bees returning with heavy loads, in a high
wind, are frequently unable to strike the hive, and are blown to the
ground; become chilled, and die. A chilly south wind is equally fatal,
but not so frequent. When protected from winds, the hives may front any
point you choose; east or south is generally preferred. A location near
ponds, lakes, large rivers, &c., will be attended with some loss. Hard
winds will fatigue the bees when on the wing, often causing them to
alight in the water; where it is impossible to rise again until wafted
ashore, and then, unless in very warm weather, they are so chilled as
to be past the effort. I do not mention this to discourage any one from
keeping them, when so situated, because some few must keep them thus or
not at all. I am so situated myself. There is a pond of four acres,
some twelve rods off. In spring, during high winds, a great many may be
found drowned, and driven on shore. Although we cannot miss so few from
a stock, it is nevertheless a loss as far as it goes.

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