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Means To Destroy Them


At this season, (July and August), it is a good plan to put a few
pieces of old dry combs near the hives, in a box, or other place, as a
decoy, where the moth may have access. She will deposit a great many of
her eggs here, instead of the hive, and can be easily destroyed. As we
cannot always have our bees in a situation to feel safe, it will be
well to adopt some of the means recommended to diminish the number of
moths. First destroy all the worms that can be found at any time,
particularly in spring; second, all cocoons that can be got at. A great
many worms can be enticed to web up, under a trap of elder, &c., when
it is an easy matter to dispatch them. Thirdly, destroy all the moths
possible that can be seen about the hive. They are very much like the
flea, "when you put your finger on him he is not there;" a careful move
is necessary to crush him at once, otherwise he darts away at the least
disturbance. Probably the most expeditious mode is to make them drunk.

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