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Miner's Hive

Category: HIVES.

Miner's Equilateral Hive has a cap somewhat smaller than this in
diameter; consequently, if we have the requisite room, it must be in
its height. But by making the cap of his a little larger, and a few

trifling alterations, it would do very well for a patent. And if any
one _must_ have a patent hive, my advice is to get that; it costs but
two dollars for the right of using, and is nearer what we want for
bees, than any I ever saw. I prefer rabbeting around the edge of the
top, instead of nailing on a thin board the size of the inside of the
cover, with room for a slide under it; it affords too nice a place for
worms to spin their cocoons. Also, without the rabbeting water may get
under the cap, and pass along the top till a hole lets it among the
bees. As for slides, I do not approve of them at all; in shutting off
communication, it is almost certain to crush a few bees. This makes
them irritable for a week; they are unnecessary for me, at least. We
will now finish the hive.

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