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Most Brood In Spring


In spring and first of summer, when nearly all the combs are empty, and
food abundant, they rear brood more extensively than at any other
period, (towards fall more combs are filled with honey, giving less
room for brood.) The hive soon becomes crowded with bees, and royal
cells are constructed, in which the queen deposits her eggs. When some
of these young queens are advanced sufficiently to be sealed over, the
old one, and the greater part of her subjects, leave for a new
location, (termed swarming.) They soon collect in a cluster, and, if
put into an empty hive, commence anew their labors; constructing combs,
rearing brood, and storing honey, to be abandoned on the succeeding
year for another tenement. One in a hundred may do it the same season,
if the hive is filled and crowded again in time to warrant it. Only
large early swarms do this.

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