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Objection Answered


You object to this, and tell me, "the worms will get between the bottom
of the hive and the board." Well, I think they will, and what then? Why
I expect if you intend to succeed, that you will get them out, and
crush their heads; if you cannot give as much attention as this, better
not keep them, or let some one have the care of them that will. I am as
willing to find a worm under the edge of the hive, and dispatch it, as
to have it creep into some place out of sight, and change to the moth.
I once trimmed off the bottom of my hives to a thin edge, so they did
not have this place for their cocoons, but now prefer to have them
square. _All profit_ is seldom obtained with anything. If you plant a
field with corn, you do not expect that the whole work for the crop is
finished. Neither should you expect when you set up a stock of bees,
that a full yield will be realized without something more. If you are
remunerated by keeping the weeds from your corn, be assured it is
equally profitable to weed out your bees.

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