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Objections To General Feeding

Category: FEEDING.

I have known it recommended, and practised by some apiarians, to feed
bees all at once in the open air, in a large trough; but whoever
realizes much profit by this method, will be very fortunate, as every
stock in the neighborhood will soon scent it out, and carry off a good
share, and nearly every stock at home will be in contention, and great
numbers killed; the moment the honey is out, their attention is
directed to other stocks. Another objection to this general feeding is,
that some stocks are not necessitated at all, while others need it; but
the strongest stock is pretty sure to get the most. NOW, as I cannot
afford to divide with my neighbors in this way of feeding, and I
suppose but few will be found who are willing to do it, I will give my
method, which, when once arranged, is but little trouble.

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