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Category: BREEDING.

Theories differing materially from the foregoing, are advanced by
nearly all writers. One says, "In spring the queen lays about 2,000
eggs of males, resumes it again in August, but during the rest of the
intervals she exclusively lays worker eggs. The queen must be at least
eleven months old before she begins to lay the eggs of males." Mr.
Townley makes the same assertion. Dr. Bevan says, "the great laying of
drone eggs usually commences about the end of April." Another author
repeats about the same, and appears to have investigated farther, as he
has found out that the eggs for the two kinds of bees are germinated
separately, and the queen knows when each kind is ready, as well as the
workers, &c. Now, I beg leave to differ a little from these authors.
Either there exists no difference in the eggs germinated, and any, or
all will produce drones or workers, just as they happen to be deposited
and fed; or else the periods of laying drone eggs are much more
frequent than any writer with which I am acquainted has been willing to

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