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Perfect Observatory Hive Described

Category: HIVES.

There are many things pertaining to bees that cannot be properly
examined and understood, without a glass hive of some sort. Yet a
perfect observatory hive containing but one comb, is not a perfect hive
for the bees. We can see very well what the bees are doing, but it is
not a tenement they would choose if left to themselves. It forces them
to labor in an unnatural manner, is unsuitable for wintering bees, and
otherwise but little profit. If the satisfaction of witnessing some of
their operations more perfectly than in glass hives of another kind
will not pay, it is doubtful if we get it. I will describe as briefly
as possible. Two frames or sashes about two and a half feet square,
containing glass, are so fastened together as to leave room for only
one comb between them, about an inch and three-fourths apart. A comb of
this size will not support itself by the top and edges; hence, it is
necessary to put in numerous cross-bars to assist in supporting it.
Outside the glass are doors to keep the whole dark, to be opened when
we wish to inspect proceedings. Under the bottom is a board or frame,
to keep it in an upright position, &c. Probably but few will be induced
to make one. I will therefore describe another; a hive that I think
will pay better.

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