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Requisites Before Preparation Of Queen's Cells

Category: SWARMING.

I have found the process for all regular swarms something like this:
before they commence, two or three things are requisite. The combs must
be crowded with bees; they must contain a numerous brood advancing from
the egg to maturity; the bees must be obtaining honey either by being
fed or from flowers. Being crowded with bees in a scarce time of honey
is insufficient to bring out the swarm, neither is an abundance
sufficient, without the bees and the brood. The period that all these
requisites happen together, and remain long enough, will vary with
different stocks, and many times do not happen at all through the
season, with some.

These causes then appear to produce a few queen-cells, generally begun
before the hive is filled, (sometimes when only half full, but usually
remain as rudiments till the next year, when the foregoing conditions
of the stock may require their use).

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