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Securing Bees In The Hive


The hive is inverted, and the cloth put over, neatly folded, and
fastened with a tack at the corners, and another in the middle. The
tack is crowed in about two-thirds of its length, it then presents the
head convenient to pull out. If the bees are to go a great distance,
and require to be shut up several days, the muslin will be hardly
sufficient, as they would probably bite their way out. Something more
substantial would then be required. Take a board the size of the
bottom, cut out a place in the middle, and cover with wire cloth, (like
the one recommended for hiving,) and fasten it with tacks. This board
is to be nailed on the hive. After the nails are driven, with the
hammer start it off about the eighth of an inch; it will admit a little
air around the sides as well as the middle, quite necessary for heavy
stocks. But very small families might be safe without the wire cloth;
air enough would pass between the hive and board, except in warm
weather. New combs break easier than old.

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