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Size For Warm Latitudes

Category: HIVES.

This size will also do in this latitude (42 degrees,) in some seasons,
but not at all in others.[3] Not one swarm in fifty will consume
twenty-five lbs. of honey through the winter, that is, from the last of
_September_ to the first of April, (six months). The average loss in
that time is about eighteen lbs.; but the critical time is later; about
the last of May, or first of June, in many places.

[3] When Mr. Miner wrote his manual recommending this size, 1,728
inches, for all situations, it should be remembered he lived on
Long Island. Since removing to Oneida County in this State,
either his own experience or _some other cause_ has changed his
views, as he now recommends my size, viz., 2,000 inches.

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