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Sizes Of Hives Important


Another point is worthy of consideration: endeavor to get hives as near
the right size as possible, _viz._, 2,000 cubic inches; better too
large than too small. If too large, they may be cut off, leaving them
the proper size. But yet, it often makes an ungainly shape, being too
large square for the height. As the shape probably makes no difference
in the prosperity of the bees, the appearance is the principal
objection, after being cut off.

An acquaintance had purchased a lot of bees in very large hives, and
called on me to know what to do with them, as he feared such would not
swarm well in consequence; I told him it would be doubtful, unless he
cut them off to the right size.

"Cut 'em off! how can that be done? there is bees in 'em."

"So I expected, but it can be done nearly as well as if empty."

"But don't you get stung dreadfully?"

"Not often: if it is to be done in warm weather, I smoke them well
before I begin; _in very cold weather_ is the best time, then it is
unnecessary; simply turn the hive bottom up, mark off the proper size,
and with a sharp saw take it off without trouble."

"Some are filled with combs; you don't cut off such, do you?"

"Certainly; I consider all the room for combs in a hive over 2,000
inches as worse than lost."

"What will you ask to cut mine off? If I could see it done once, I
might do it next time."

"The charge will be light; but if you intend to keep bees, you should
learn to do everything pertaining to them, and not be dependent on any
one; I did it before I ever saw or heard of its being done." I then
gave him full directions how to manage, but could not persuade him to

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