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Temperature Of Room


The temperature of such a room will vary according to the number and
strength of the stocks put in; 100 or more would be very sure to keep
it above the freezing point at all times. Putting a very few into such
a room, and depending on the bees to make it warm enough, would be of
doubtful utility. If these means will not keep the proper temperature,
probably some other method would be better. All full stocks would do
well enough, as they would almost any way. Yet I shall recommend
housing them whenever practicable. If the number of stocks is few, let
the room be proportionably small.[18] It is the smallest families that
are most trouble: if they are too cold, it may be known by bees leaving
the hive in cold weather, and spots of excrement on the combs; they
should then have some additional protection; close part or all of the
holes in the top, cover the open bottom partially or wholly, and
confine to the hive as much as possible the animal heat; when these
means fail, it may be necessary to take them to a warm room, during the
coldest weather.

[18] As an additional proof that this method of inverting hives
in the house for winter is valuable, I would say that Mr. Miner,
author of the American Bee-Keeper's Manual, seems fully to
appreciate it. In. the fall of 1850, I communicated to him this
method; giving my reasons for preferring it to the cold method
recommended in his Manual. The trial of one winter, it appears,
satisfied him of its superiority, so much so that within a year
from that time he published an essay recommending it; but advised
confining the bees with muslin, &c.

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