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The Author Has No Patent To Recommend

Category: HIVES.

To remove from the mind of the reader all apprehension that I am about
condemning one patent to recommend another, I would say in the
beginning, that I have _no patent to praise, no interest in deceiving_,
and I hope no prejudices to influence me, in advocating or condemning
_any_ system. I wish to make bee-keeping plain, simple, economical, and
profitable; so that when we sum up the profit "it shall not be found in
the other pocket."

It is a principle recognized by our statute, that no person is suitable
as a Juror, who is biased either by interest or prejudice. Now whether
I am the impartial Jurist, is not for me to say: but I wish to discuss
the subject fairly. I hope some few will be enabled to see their own
interest: at any rate, dismiss prejudice, as far as possible, while we
examine wherein _one class_ in community is unprofitable to

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