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Whole Families May Desert The Hive

Category: FEEDING.

When you have the means to keep up a supply of food, and time requisite
to make feeding secure, perhaps it would not be advisable to wait till
the last extremity before feeding, as a small family will sometimes
entirely desert the hive, when destitute, if it occurs before they have
much brood. In these cases, they issue precisely as a swarm; after
flying a long time, they either return, or unite with some other stock.
If they return, they need attention immediately. You may be certain
there is something wrong, let the desertion take place when it may; in
spring it may be destitution, or mouldy combs; at other times the
presence of worms, diseased brood, &c. By whatever cause it is
produced, ascertain it, and apply the remedy.

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