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Abyssinian Crosses

Curiously coloured as the Abyssinian cat is, and being a true breed, no
doubt of long far back ancestry, it is most useful in crossing with
other varieties, even with the Persian, Russian, Angora, or the
Archangel, the ticking hues being easy of transmission, and is then
capable of charming and delightful tints, with breadths of beautiful
mottled or grizzled colouring, if judiciously mated. The light tabby
Persian, matched with a female Abyssinian, would give unexpected
surprises, so with the dark blue Archangel; a well-ticked blue would not
only be a novelty, but an elegant colour hitherto unseen. A deep red
tabby might result in a whole colour, bright red, or a yellow tint. I
have seen a cat nearly black ticked with white, which had yellow eyes.
It was truly a splendid and very beautiful animal, of a most recherche
colour. Matched with a silver-gray tabby, a silver-gray tick is
generally the sequence. A yellow-white will possibly prove excellent.
Try it!

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