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Diseases Of Cats

Cats, like many other animals, both wild and domestic, are subject to
diseases, several being fatal, others yielding to known curatives; many
are of a very exhaustive character, some are epidemic, others are
undoubtedly contagious--the two worst of these are what is known as the
distemper and the mange. Through the kindness of friends I am enabled to
give recipes for medicines considered as useful, or, at any rate,
tending to abate the severity of the attack in the one, and utterly
eradicate the other. Care should always be taken on the first symptoms
of illness to remove the animal at once from contact with others. My
kind friend, Dr. George Fleming, C.B., principal veterinary surgeon of
the army, has courteously sent me a copy of a remedy for cat distemper
from his very excellent work, "Animal Plagues: their History, Nature,
and Prevention," which I give in full.

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