A lady very well known to myself, and in literary society, lived as a girl with an antiquarian father in an old house dear to an antiquary. It was haunted, among other things, by footsteps. The old oak staircase had two creaking steps, numbers... Read more of The Creaking Stair at Scary Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational

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Domestic Animals

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Farms Animals

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Wild Animals

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Fancy Colours

By other odd and fanciful combinations, many beautiful mottles and
stripes may be secured, and strange, quaint, harmonious arrangements of
lines and spots produced according to "fancy's dictates;" but the
foregoing are the chief colours in request for exhibition purposes, and
most of the colour marking. In any other colour classes, the beauties,
whatever they may be, are chiefly the result of accident or sports,
selected for such beauty, or in other ways equally interesting.

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