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Category: Diseases and their Remedies

Cattle are frequently subject to this disease, particularly in the
spring of the year when the grass is young and soft. Occasionally it
assumes a very obstinate form in consequence of the imperfect secretion
of gastric juice; the faeces are thin, watery, and fetid, followed by
very great prostration of the animal.

The symptoms of diarrhoea are too well known to require any detailed

Treatment.--If in a mild form, the diet should be low; give two ounces
of Epsom-salts, twice a day. In a more obstinate form, give two drachms
of carbonate of soda in the food. Oak-bark tea will be found very useful
in these cases; or one of the following powders, twice a day, will be
found very advantageous: pulverized opium and catechu, each one and a
half ounces; prepared chalk, one drachm; to be given in the feed.

Calves are particularly subject to this disease, and it often proves
fatal to them. It sometimes assumes an epizooetic form, when it is
generally of a mild character. So long as the calf is lively and feeds
well, the farmer should entertain no fear for him; but if he mopes
about, refuses his food, ceases to ruminate, wastes in flesh, passes
mucus and blood with the faeces, and exhibits symptoms of pain, the
case is a dangerous one.

In such an emergency, lose no time, but give two or three ounces of
Castor-oil with flour-gruel, or two ounces of salts at a dose, followed
with small draughts of oak-bark tea; or give, twice a day, one of the
following powders: pulverized catechu, opium, and Jamaca ginger, of each
half an ounce; prepared chalk, one ounce; mix, and divide into twelve
powders. Bran washes, green food, and flour-gruel should be given, with
plenty of salt.

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