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Inflammation Of The Haw

Category: Diseases and their Remedies

The ox, like the horse, has a membrane of semilunar form in the inner
corner of the eye, which is capable of being thrown over the entire
eyeball, for the purpose of cleansing the eye from any foreign substance
which may get into it. This membrane is commonly called the haw, and is
susceptible of attacks of inflammation, which cause it to swell,
frequently even closing up the eye.

Treatment.--Give a dose of physic, and, if the animal is plethoric,
extract a little blood from the vein on the same side as the affected
eye. Apply to the eye either of the following washes: tincture of opium,
one ounce; rain-water, one pint; or, tincture of aconite, one drachm, to
one pint of water. Bathe two or three times a day.

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