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Inflammation Of The Kidneys

Category: Diseases and their Remedies

This disease--sometimes called nephritis--occurs occasionally in cattle
in consequence of their eating bad or unwholesome food, or of the abuse
of diuretics, etc.

The symptoms are very insidious in their approach. The loins are very
tender upon pressure; the urine is voided in small quantities. As the
disease advances, the symptoms become more marked and acute. The animal
is dull, and feeds daintily; the evacuation of urine is attended with
increased pain, and the urine is highly colored and bloody; the nose is
dry; the horns, ears, and extremities are cold; respiration hurried; the
pulse full, hard, and throbbing.

Treatment.--Give one pint of linseed-oil and ten drops of castor-oil,
mixed together; follow this with small doses of salts once a day, for
three or four days; give injections of water, one half a gallon to two
ounces of tincture of arnica. Mustard applications to the loins are also
very useful.

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