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Category: Diseases and their Remedies

This disease is of rare occurrence in cattle. In it, the mucous membrane
lining the larynx is in a very irritable condition; the least pressure
upon the parts affected causes intensely excruciating pain; the
respiration becomes quick, painful, and laborious; the animal often
appears to be hungry, yet does not eat much, in consequence of the pain
occasioned by the act of swallowing.

Treatment.--Apply to the throat externally strong mustard, mixed, with
equal parts of aqua ammonia and water, to a thin paste, every hour,
until it produces an effect upon the skin; sponging the parts each time
with warm water before applying the mustard. The animal should not be
bled. Give upon the tongue, or in drink, half-drachm doses of nitrate of
potassa, every three or four hours, until relief is obtained. If
suffocation threatens, the operation of tracheotomy is the only resort.

Cloths saturated with cold water, wrapped around the neck so as to cover
the larynx, frequently afford relief. A purgative will also be found

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