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Category: Diseases and their Remedies

Mange, or leprosy, is one of the most unpleasant and difficult diseases
to manage of all the ailments to which cattle are subject requiring the
nicest care and attention to render it easy of cure. An animal badly
nursed will not, under the most skillful treatment, quickly recover. Its
causes are in the main, due to poor food, which produces a debilitated
condition of the system, and in connection with a want of cleanliness,
causes a development of the acari, or minute insects, exciting very
great irritation upon the skin and causing the cow to rub herself
against every object with which she comes in contact. The hair falls
off; a scurfy appearance of the skin is perceptible; and the animal is
poor in condition and in milk. The great trouble in treating this
disease springs from its contagious character; for, no sooner is the
animal, oftentimes, once free from the acari than it comes in contact
with some object against which it has previously been rubbing, when the
acari which were left upon that object are again brought in contact
with the animal, and the disease is reproduced. If, immediately after
the proper applications are made, the animal is removed to other
quarters, and not allowed to return to the former ones for six or eight
weeks, there is, generally speaking, but little trouble in treating the

Take the animal upon a warm, sunny day, and with a scrubbing-brush
cleanse the skin thoroughly with Castile-soap and water; when dry, apply
in the same manner the following mixture; white hellebore, one ounce;
sulphur flower, three ounces; gas-water, one quart; mix all well
together. One or two applications are, generally, all that will be
required. Give internally one of the following powders in the feed,
night and morning: flowers of sulphur, two ounces; black antimony, one
ounce; nitrate of potassa, one ounce; mix, and divide into eight

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