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Category: Diseases and their Remedies

Inflammation of the brain is one of those dreadful diseases to which all
animals are liable. It is known to the farmer as frenzy, mad staggers,

The active symptoms are preceded by stupor; the animal stubbornly stands
in one position; the eyes are full, red, and fiery; respiration rapid;
delirium soon succeeds; the animal, bellowing, dashes wildly about, and
seems bent on mischief, rushing madly at every object which comes in its

The causes of this disease are overwork in warm weather, a plethoric
condition of the system, and too stimulating food. Prof. Gamgee, of the
Edinburgh Veterinary College, relates a case resulting from the presence
within the external meatus of a mass of concrete cerumen, or wax,
which induced inflammation of the ear, extending to the brain.

Treatment.--As this is attended with considerable risk, unless it is
taken prior to the frenzied stage, bleeding almost to fainting should be
resorted to, and followed by a brisk purge. Take one ounce of Barbadoes
aloes, and ten to fifteen drops of Croton-oil; mix the aloes with one
pint of water and the oil, using the mixture as a drench. One pound of
Epsom-salts will answer the purpose very well, in cases where the aloes
and oil cannot be readily obtained. Application of bags of broken ice to
the head, is very beneficial. Spirits of turpentine, or mustard,
together with spirits of hartshorn and water should be well rubbed in
along the spine, from the neck to the tail.

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