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Category: Diseases and their Remedies

There are two conditions of the lungs known as pneumonia,--one, the
inflammatory, and the other, the congestive stage. The former may follow
an attack of bronchitis, or it may have a spontaneous origin. The
congestive is generally the result of cold suddenly applied to an
overheated animal, causing a determination of blood to the lungs, which
sometimes causes death by suffocation.

Symptoms.--The disease is preceded by a shivering fit; dry skin;
staring coat; clammy mouth; short cough; Schneiderian membrane (of the
nose) very much reddened; respiration hurried or laborious. In the
congestive stage, upon applying the ear to the sides, no sound will be
detected; While in the inflammatory stage, a crackling or crepitating
sound will be distinctively heard.

Treatment.--In the congestive stage, plenty of pure air will be
necessary. Bleed freely; and give in drench one pound of Glauber-salts,
with two drachms of Jamaica ginger. Nothing more will be required by way
of treatment.

In the inflammatory stage, bleeding should seldom be resorted to, except
where the animal is in full condition. Apply the following blister to
the sides, well rubbed in: oil of turpentine, one ounce; croton-oil,
twelve drops; aqua ammonia, half an ounce; linseed-oil, four ounces; mix
all together. Give internally one pound of salts in drench, and follow
with one of the following powders every four hours: nitrate of potash,
one ounce; tartrate of antimony and pulverized digitalis leaves, of
each, one drachm; mix all together, and divide into eight powders. Or
the following may be given with equal advantage: nitrate of potash, one
and a half ounces; nitrate of soda, six ounces; mix, and divide into six
powders; one to be given in wash or gruel every six hours.

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