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The Natural History Of Cattle

Category: History and Breeds

1. The upper jaw-bone. 2. The nasal bone, or bone of the nose. 3. The
lachrymal bone. 4. The malar, or cheek bone. 5. The frontal bone, or
bone of the forehead. 6. The horns, being processes or continuations of
the frontal. 7. The temporal bone. 8. The parietal bone, low in the
temporal fossa. 9. The occipital bone, deeply depressed below the crest
or ridge of the head. 10. The lower jaw. 11. The grinders. 12. The
nippers, found on the lower jaw alone. 13. The ligament of the neck, and
its attachments. 14. The atlas. 16. The dentata. 17. The orbits of the
eye. 18. The vertebrae, or bones of the neck. 19. The bones of the back.
20. The bones of the loins. 21. The sacrum. 22. The bones of the tail.
23. The haunch and pelvis. 24. The eight true ribs. 25. The false ribs,
with their cartilages. 26. The sternum. 27. The scapula, or
shoulder-blade. 28. The humerus, or lower bone of the shoulder. 29. The
radius, or principal bone of the arm. 40. The ulna, its upper part
forming the elbow. 41. The small bones of the knee. 42. The large
metacarpal or shank bone. 43. The smaller or splint bone. 44. The
sessamoid bones. 45. The bifurcation at the pasterns, and the two larger
pasterns to each foot. 46. The two smaller pasterns to each foot. 47.
The two coffin bones to each foot. 48. The navicular bones. 49. The
thigh bone. 50. The patella, or bone of the knee. 51. The tibia, or
proper leg bone. 52. The point of the hock. 53. The small bones of the
hock. 54. The metatarsals, or larger bones of the hind leg. 55. The
pasterns and feet.]

DIVISION. Vertebrata--possessing a back-bone.
CLASS. Mammalia--such as give suck.
ORDER. Ruminantia--chewing the cud.
FAMILY. With horns.
GENUS. Bovidae--the ox tribe.

Of this tribe there are eight species:

Bos urus, the ancient bison.
Bos bison, the American buffalo.
Bos moschatus, the musk ox.
Bos frontalis, the gayal.
Bos grunniens, the grunting ox.
Bos caffer, the South African buffalo.
Bos bubalus, the common buffalo.
Bos taurus, the common domestic ox.

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