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Thrush In The Mouth

Category: Diseases and their Remedies

Aptha, or thrush in the mouth, is a vesicular disease of the mouth,
sometimes occurring as an epizooetic. It is often mistaken for
blain,--inflammation of the tongue, or black tongue,--and usually occurs
in the winter, or early in the spring. It appears in the form of
vesicles, or pustules all over the mouth, occasionally extending to the
outside of the lips. These pustules break, discharging a thin, sanious
fluid, leaving minute ulcers in their places.

This disease yields readily to treatment, when it is properly applied.
Three ounces of Epsom-salts, once a day for three or four days, should
be given in drench; wash the mouth well with a solution of alum,
tincture of myrrh, or vinegar and honey, and it will disappear in a few

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