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In consequence of the formation of tumors about the throat in cattle,
from inflammation of the parotid gland, blain, etc., so characteristic
of this species of animals, it sometimes becomes necessary to perform
this operation in order to save their lives. It never fails to give
instant relief.

After the animal has been properly secured,--which is done by an
assistant's holding the nose with one hand, and one of the horns with
the other,--the operator draws the skin tight over the windpipe with the
thumb and fingers of his left hand; then, with the scalpel in his right,
cuts through the skin, making an incision about three inches long,
dissecting up the skin on each side, which brings the trachea, or
windpipe, in full view. He then cuts out a piece of the cartilaginous
rings, about two inches long and about half an inch wide. This simple
operation has saved the lives of very many valuable animals. The wound
readily heals, and seldom leaves any perceptible blemish, if the work is
properly performed.

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