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Technical Terms Used In Relation To The Boston Terrier And Their Meaning

A Crackerjack--A first class, typical dog.

A Mutt--A worthless specimen.

A Flyer--A dog capable of winning in any company.

A Weed--A leggy, thin, attenuated dog, bred so.

A Fake--A dog whose natural appearance has been interfered with to
hide defects.

A Dope--A dog afflicted, usually with chorea, that has had cocaine
administered to him to stop the twitching while in the judging

A Ringer--A dog shown under a false name, that has previously been
shown under his right name.

Apple-headed--Skull round, instead of flat on top.

Broken-up Face--Bulldog face, with deep stop and wrinkle and
receding nose.

Frog or Down Face--Nose not receding.

Dish-faced--One whose nasal bone is higher at the nose than at the

Butterfly Nose--A spotted nose.

Dudley Nose--A flesh-colored nose.

Rose Ear--An ear which the tip turns backward and downward,
disclosing the inside.

Button Ear--An ear that falls over in front, concealing the

Tulip Ear--An upright, or pricked ear.

Blaze--The white line up the face.

Cheeky--When the cheek bumps are strongly defined.

Occiput--The prominent bone at the back or top of the skull,
noticeably prominent in bloodhounds.

Chops--The pendulous lips of the bulldog.

Cushion--Fullness in the top lips.

Dewlap--The pendulous skin under the throat.

Lippy--The hanging lips of some dogs, who should not possess same,
as in the bull terrier.

Layback--A receding nose.

Pig-jawed--The upper jaw protruding over the lower; an
exaggeration of an undershot jaw.

Overshot--The upper teeth projecting beyond the lower.

Undershot--The lower incisor teeth projecting beyond the upper, as
in bulldogs.

Wrinkle--Loose, folding skin over the skull.

Wall Eye--A blue mottled eye.

Snipy--Too pointed in muzzle; pinched.

Stop--The indentation between the skull and the nasal bone near
the eyes.

Septum--The division between the nostrils.

Leather--The skin of the ear.

Expression--The size and placement of the eye determines the
expression of the dog.

Brisket--That part of the body in front of the chest and below the

Chest--That part of the body between the forelegs, sometimes
called the breast, extending from the brisket to the body.

Cobby--Thick set; low in stature, and short coupled; or well
ribbed up, short and compact.

Couplings--The space between the tops of the shoulder blades, and
the tops of the hip joints. A dog is accordingly said to be long
or short in the couplings.

Deep in Brisket--Deep in chest.

Elbows--The joint at the top of forearm.

Elbows Out--Self-explanatory; either congenital, or as a result of

Flat-sided--Flat in ribs; not rounded.

Forearm--The foreleg between the elbows and pastern.

Pastern--The lower section of the leg below the knee or hock

Shoulders--The top of the shoulder blades, the point at which a
dog is measured.

Racy--Slight in build and leggy.

Roach-back--The arched or wheel formation of loin.

Pad--The underneath portion of the foot.

Loins--The part of body between the last rib and hindquarters.

Long in flank--Long in back of loins.

Lumber--Unnecessary flesh.

Cat-foot--A short, round foot, with the knuckles well developed.

Hare-foot--A long, narrow foot, carried forward.

Splay-foot--A flat, awkward forefoot, usually turned outward.

Stifles--The upper joint of hind legs.

Second Thighs--The muscular development between stifle joint and

The Hock--The lowest point of the hind leg.

Spring--Round, or well sprung ribs; not flat.

Shelly--Narrow, shelly body.


Tucked Up--Tucked up loin, as seen in greyhounds.

Upright Shoulders--Shoulders that are set in an upright, instead
of an oblique position.

Leggy--Having the legs too long in proportion to body.


Screw Tail--A tail twisted in the form of a screw.

Kink Tail--A tail with a break or kink in it.

Even Mouthed--A term used to describe a dog whose jaws are neither
overhung nor underhung.

Beefy--Big, beefy hind quarters.

Bully--Where the dog approaches the bulldog too much in

Terrier Type--Where the dog approaches the terrier too much in

Cow-hocked--The hocks turning inward.

Saddle-back--The opposite of roach-back.

Lengthy--Possessing length of body.

Broody--A broody bitch; one whose length of conformation evidences
a likely mother; one who will whelp easily and rear her pups.

Blood--A blood; a dog whose appearance denotes high breeding.

Condition--Another name for perfect health, without superfluous
flesh, coat in the best of shape, and spirits lively and cheerful.

Style--Showy, and of a stylish, gay demeanor.

Listless--Dull and sluggish.

Character--A sub-total of all the points which give to the dog the
desired character associated with his particular variety, which
differentiates him from all other breeds.

Hall-mark--That stamp of quality that distinguishes him from
inferior dogs, as the sterling mark on silver, or the hall-mark on
the same metal in England.

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