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The Boston Terrier Clubits History Constitution By-laws And Official Standard

In 1890 a club was formed in Boston by a comparatively small body of men
who were very much interested in the dog then known as the Round-Headed
Bull and Terrier dog. These men were breeders and lovers of the dog, and
their main object in coming together was not to have a social good time
(although, happily, this generally took place), but to further the
interests of the dog in every legitimate way. The dog had been shown at
the New England Kennel Club show, held in Boston in April, 1888, being
judged by Mr. J. P. Barnard, Jr., ofttimes styled the father of the
breed, practically two years before the formation of the Club. The year
following the Club applied for admission in the American Kennel Club, and
recognition for their dogs in the Stud Book. The A. K. C. stated that
while perfectly willing to take the Club into its fold, they could not
place the dog in the Stud Book, as he was not an established breed, and
suggesting, that as the dog was not a bull terrier, and as he was then
bred exclusively in Boston, the name of the Boston Terrier Club. The
year following the A. K. C., after a great deal of persuasion by the loyal
and devoted members of the Club, became convinced of the merits of the
breed, and formally acknowledged the same by admitting the Club to
membership, and giving their dog a place in the official Stud Book.

The Boston Terrier Club is duly incorporated under the laws of
Massachusetts, has a present membership of from seventy-five to a hundred,
men and women who are devoted to the dog, and willing to do everything for
its advancement. The annual meeting is held on the second Wednesday in
December, at which a number of judges are elected, whose names are
forwarded to the bench show committees of the principal shows, requesting
that one of the number be elected to officiate as judge of the Boston
terriers. Monthly meetings are held which are always exceedingly
interesting and instructive.

The officers are elected by printed ballots sent to all members of the
Club, who mark and return them. They consist of the president,
vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The executive committee consists
of the officers (ex officio) and three others.

The Club gives a specialty show yearly in Boston and is the largest and
greatest of one breed fixtures; the dog being, in fact, one of the largest
supporters of the dog shows in the country. Cups and medals are offered at
most of the bench shows for competition among the members, and at the
Ladies' Kennel Association shows a cup and medal were offered, open to all
exhibitors of Boston terriers.

In view of the fact that so many Boston Terrier Clubs are starting up all
over the country, and even beyond, the following Order of Business,
Constitution, By-Laws, and Official Standard, can safely be taken as

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