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Chest Founders

Mules are not subject to this disease. Some persons assert that they
are, but it is a mistake. These persons mistake for founder in the chest
what is nothing more than a case of contraction of the feet. I have
repeatedly seen veterinary surgeons connected with the army, on being
asked what was the trouble with a mule, look wise, and declare the
complaint chest founder, swelling of the shoulders, &c. I was inclined
to put some faith in the wisdom of these gentlemen, until Doctor Braley,
chief veterinary surgeon of the department of Washington, produced the
most convincing proofs that it was almost an impossibility for these
animals to become injured in the shoulder. When mules become sore in
front, look well to their feet, and in nine cases out of ten, you will
find the cause of the trouble there. In very many cases a good practical
shoer can remove the trouble by proper paring and shoeing.

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