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Sore necks, saddle-galls, and stilfasts, are a species of injury and
sore, which are in many cases very difficult of cure, especially
saddle-galls on mules that have to be ridden every day. One of the best
remedies for saddle gall is to heighten the saddle up as much as
possible, and bathe the back with cold water as often as an opportunity
affords. In many cases this will drive the fever away and scatter the
trouble that is about to take place. This, however, does not always
scatter, for the trouble will often continue, a root forming in the
center of what we call the saddle-gall. The edges of this will be clear,
and the stilfast hold only by the root. I have had many cases of this
kind occur with the mule, both on his back and neck, mostly caused on
the latter part by the collar being too loose. And I have found but one
way to effectually cure them. Some persons advise cutting, which I think
is too tedious and painful to the animal. My advice is to take a pair of
pincers, or forceps of any kind, and pull it out. This done, bathe
frequently with cold water, and keep the collar or saddle as much free
of the sore as possible. This will do more towards relieving the animal
and healing the injury than all the medicine you can give. A little
soothing oil, or grease free from salt, may be rubbed lightly on the
parts as they begin to heal. This is a very simple but effective remedy.

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