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It is generally believed that the mule does not inherit this disease.
But this is not altogether true. Small, compact mules, bred after the
jack, are indeed not subject to it. On the contrary, large mules, bred
from large, coarse mares, are very frequently afflicted with it. The
author has under his charge at the present time quite a number of those
kind of mules, in which this disease is visible. At times, when worked
hard, they are sore and lame. The only thing to be recommended in this
case is careful treatment, and as much rest at intervals as it is
possible to give them. Hand rubbing and application of stimulant
liniments, or tincture of arnica, is about all that can be done. The old
method of firing and blistering only puts the animal to torture and the
owner to expense. A cure can never be effected through it, and therefore
should never be tried.

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