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This sometimes occurs in the mule. It is a sudden, nervous, quick jerk
of either or both of the hind legs. In the mule it frequently shows but
little after being worked an hour or so. It is what I regard as
unsoundness, and a mule badly affected with it is generally of but
little use. It is often the result of strains, caused by backing,
pulling and twisting, and heavy falls. You can detect it in its
slightest form by turning the animal short around to the right or to the
left. Turn him in the track he stands in, as near as possible, and then
back him. If he has it, one of these three ways will develop its
symptoms. There are a great many opinions as to the soundness or
unsoundness of an animal afflicted with this complaint. If I had now a
good animal afflicted with it, the pain caused to my feelings by looking
at it would be a serious drawback.

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