An Experiment 2

In the spring of '47, I placed under five full hives, containing 2,000

solid or cubic inches, as many empty ones, the same size, without the

top. I had a swarm from each; but two had added any new comb, and these

but little. If these hives had been filled to the bottom with comb in

the spring, it is very doubtful whether either of them would have

swarmed. The only place we can put a good stock and not expect it to

swarm in good seasons, is inside a building, where it is perfectly

dark, and even here a few have been known to do it. If we could manage

to get _a very large hive_ filled with combs, it would perhaps be as

good a preventive as any. All the bees that could be reared in one

season, would have sufficient room in the combs ready made for their

labors, and there would be no necessity for their emigration. "But what

becomes of all the bees raised in the course of several years?" To this

question I shall not probably be able to give a satisfactory answer at


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